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Inbound Services


The Group offers inbound services which comprise a range of customer hotline services, including general enquiry, technical support, broadband connection arrangement, service installation, account activation, subscriber details update, account enquiry, account termination, order placement, member registration, built-in secretary ("BIS") and super secretarial services ("Super BIS"). BIS service is a personalized message taking service, where its operators transmit messages left to the subscriber via SMS. The Super BIS service is a concierge service where the operators can provide advanced functions such as making restaurant reservation and purchasing flight tickets for high-end subscribers.

Outbound Services 

Outbound services are mainly made up of telesales and market research services. The Group's operators run on behalf of their customers promotions and ongoing telemarketing via unsolicited phone calls (cold calls). The operators can also conduct large scale surveys to efficiently collect feedback, opinions, and in some cases, complaints for their customers. 

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