Idea Based Investment  

We use ideas, instead of underlying assets, as building blocks of our portfolios. Using human and artificial intelligence, we try to systematically collect and analyze ideas to construct portfolios. Each idea is analyzed along two dimensions: 1) how sound underlying assets are and 2) how trustworthy the idea owner is.

Big Data

We collect and analyze ideas from


Fund Managers




Research Reports



Idea Farm

At Goldstream, we try to create a community where the craftsmanship of idea generation is genuinely appreciated. Talented PMs, traders, and analysts generate, share and select investment ideas. The craftsmanship of idea generation needs passionate and skillful people and disciplined algorithms.  Individual managers produce “Goldstream Star Manager”Series.

Idea Factory

After investment ideas are grown, our portfolio managers – a combination of human and artificial intelligence, will screen them and try to incorporate good ideas into our fund products. “Goldstream Evolution Index” Series and customized funds are mostly managed by our proprietary algorithms based on multiple managers’ inputs.

Shen Five

Shen Five is one of our algorithms who will share research ideas and reports that she considers valuable. She reads and summarizes more than a hundred fifty thousand buy side and sell side reports annually. Her recommendations form a trackable sample portfolio and she gets smarter over time.  She only produces short notes that can be read in WeChat. Check out her recent homework:

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