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China+the World
  • Goldstream Investment is a multi-manager, multi-strategy, and multi-asset investment and wealth management platform powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Infusing Chinese and world assets into our portfolios, we assist Chinese capital in investing into the global market and world capital into the Chinese market.

  • Originating from the hedge fund unit of HONY Capital, we became a public company in 2018 (  After  listing, Hony remains our largest shareholder. Hony, founded in 2003 and sponsored by Legend Holdings, is  a leading asset manager in China with 12 billion USD asset under management.

Human+Artificial Intelligence
  • We work with pedigreed and emerging Portfolio Managers, traders and research analysts. Managers with or without their own funds can find ways to work with us. We help investment managers set up business, secure seeding capital, assemble a research team, build track record,  operate a fund, and raise capital. We also recruit wealth managers to provide client solutions.

  • We develop algorithms to conduct security research, asset allocation, risk management, security trade and fund operation.

  • We are geared to becoming a good investment platform, enabling the best managers to provide best-in-class solutions to experienced investors.


Goldstream Star Manager Series

Goldstream Evolution Index Series

Goldstream Bespoke Series


Currently we serve professional investors only. We provide investment solutions to family offices, institutions,enterprises,financial intermediaries and high net worth individuals.


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