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Developed Market Equity&Bond Balanced Fund Index 

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Index Highlights

  • Due Diligence:Underlying funds are hand-picked by our manager with 30+years experience

  • Balanced Portfolio:The portfolio balances multi-asset classes with ~50% fixed income,~25% quantitative funds, and ~25% market neutral funds with a dynamic allocation model

  • Stable Return:  The portfolio generated positive returns in 29 out of the past 30 years except year 2008 (-2.8%)

  • Low Draw-down:

    • In the past 30 years, the portfolio experienced single digit (-9.9%) maximum draw down and took 7 months to recover (peak to peak 2001.6-2002.1)

    • Second largest draw down was -5.1% during the GFC and took one year to recover.

    • Recovery time significantly shorter than equity index. 

  • Low Volatility:  In the past decade the portfolio generated returns comparable to equity index with lower volatility than US composite bond index. 

  • Fair Liquidity:  Quarterly liquidity with first year lock up and 25% gate


Index Performance 






















Index Statistics


Index Description

The portfolio is constructed using high quality developed market equity and  bond funds with objectives of low draw-down stable return and diversity to performance in various economic environments. 


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