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China Bond Fund Index 

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Index Highlight  

  • Systematic Approach:Niu One algorithm selects underlying assets - nearly 90% of the portfolio consists of fixed income mutual funds in China - with the assistance of a macro-model. 

  • Stable Return:Average annual return of 7.3% for the past 14 years in RMB terms.  

  • Fair Draw-down and Volatility:Maximum draw-down of -3.7% and annualized volatility of 3.5% for the past 14 years.  

  • Good Liquidity:Underlying assets are highly liquid while the index fund offers monthly liquidity. 


Index Performance 


Index Statistics


Index Description


  • The portfolio is built using 10-30 China bond funds of different types.

  • Our experienced strategist uses a macro model to determine the weightings of different types of bond funds in the portfolio. 

  • Within each type,  our algorithm systematically selects from 2700+ bond funds managed by 1000+ bond managers.


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