CallVU Visual Customer Service System

What is CallVU


CallVU is a visual customer service system, an extension for call center system and CRM system. With the advantages of the call center and based on the voice interaction, CallVU provides a visual multimedia Interactive display, through which not only can the users communicate by voice, but also by interactive Display Response (IDR) or by the digital call-enhanced customer service system combining voice and IDR. CallVU develops a visual and smart solution for call centers.


Customer Experience


· Simple and efficient. Through the menu, users can push one button to contact the call center without dialing the number; by the personalized interactive display, users can locate what they need quickly, which is different from the limited routing like IVR.


· Caring and nice. The visual system can provide a more comprehensive service to the customer and bring more resource to them. With it, the customer will feel like the agent is right beside them and providing a caring and nice service.


· Resourceful. The visual system brings more colorful and easy information for users, letting them feel like they have a ‘know-all’ assistant beside them and using it for information, shopping and billing.


· Diversification. The system provides multiple ways to serve the users as they wished, it also displays in multiple ways, e.g. voice, image, video etc,. 


· Easy and quick. On the base of the usual calling, the system adds a visual interface, which is simple and clean, easy and quick.

· Digital Enhanced Calling: Through the visual interface, providing colorful information; provides multiple interfaces to join with different business, meet the different needs of the users.


· The advantage of digitalization shows more in the backstage service.

(a) Integrate mobile Internet into call center system

(b) Real-time system and business data monitoring and analyzing 

(c) Digging and analyzing data

(d) A.I. Robot


· All-round service, personalized business: By personalized business, CallVU will provide a all-round service to the customer to forge a personalized business service system.



CallVU is the extension of call center system and CRM system, it inherit the advantages of the call center.

· Navigation/Routing

Combining voice and visual interface, the system provides a simple, quick and efficient navigation to the user to help them locate the corresponding function section.


· Manual / Self-Service


The system provides manual and self-help service. The user can communicate with the CS in real-time via multimedia like voice, text, image, video etc., they can also interact via VCN.


(1) Manual service. Caller can call the call center via App and chose manual service, and then talk to the agent, more than that, the caller can interact with the agent by text, image, video etc,. as well. In this way, the caller can get the information he/she wanted efficiently and feel closer to the agent, providing a caring and considerate service.

(2) Self-service. When the customer chose self-service, system will show more multimedia information according to the caller’s choice. If needed, the system can also introduce A.I. Robot.


· Inquiry Function

 If you want to know how to connect your loudspeaker, or you want to know what a particular herb looks like and which kind of that said herb is first class quality, you can get the information you want via CallVU which can locate the information needed in an instant and shows them in multimedia forms like words and images, or video etc,.

Sale/Buy, Food Ordering, Hotel Booking and Top-up etc,.


Via the IDR, CallVU can provide service like Sale/Buy, Food Ordering, Hotel Booking and Top-up etc, to the caller.

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