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Portfolio Managers


We work with pedigreed and emerging Portfolio Managers, traders and research analysts. Managers with or without their own funds can find ways to work with us. We help managers set up business, secure seeding capital, assemble a research team, build track record,  operate a fund, and raise capital.

If you can generate good investment ideas, regardless of your current position and past experience, we would like to get to know you. Managers with their own funds or not can find ways to work with us.

– If you are a pedigreed Portfolio Manager or experienced trader with outstanding track record, our talent team is excited to speak to you.  We help investment managers set up business, secure seeding capital, assemble a research team, build track record,  operate a fund, and raise capital.

– If you are an emerging Portfolio Manager or growing traderour talent team may be able to design “testing scenarios” where you can invest with real money and prove your skills. Upon graduation, you will be able to join the pedigreed team.

– If you are an analyst, or even a fresh university graduate, please check out your “market value” calculated based on the quality of your ideas in our proprietary mobile app “SSZ”. For those of you achieving a good market value, please feel free to reach out to our talent team.


Wealth Managers 


Goldstream also recruits top wealth managers. We help the wealth managers to build the team and business to provide solution to their clients. Typical Goldstream wealth managers come from top tier family offices and private banks with more than fifteen years experience.  Please talk to our talent team if you are interested.


Smart Platform 


At Goldstream we are building an automated and smart investment platform to assist our porfolio managers and wealth managers.  We develop algorithms to conduct security research, asset allocation, risk management, security trade and fund operation.   



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