Hony Future Investment Advisor held a Global Investing Conference in Wuhan on Aug

Post Date:2012-08-27 article source:Sunward Telecom Page View:7461

 Aug. 27, Hony Future Investment Advisor Global Annual Conference 2012 was held in Wuhan. The famous investors from all over the world came and talked about the opportunity for business.

Hony Future Investment Advisor started its business in China very early with its compliance with PE standard and focus its business in China. Hony Future Investment Advisor has a strong management team with rich experience in security investment. Hony Future Investment Advisor’s main target for investing is the corporations in developed industries and growing corporations in new industries. As a technology oriented corporation, Xiamen Elite is developing rapidly with good result in turnover and profit and the CEO of the Company, Mr. Liwen was invited to the conference as a representative.