With the Policies Opening, China Elite Seized the Initiative, Staying True to the Mission and Keeping on Moving Forward --China Elite obtained the Value-added telecommunications business license from MIIT

Post Date:2019-05-20 article source:www.iel.hk Page View:1094

17th May is the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. In the general background of Digital China, national cyber development strategy , “5G+” and Smart Society construction, China Elite Info CO.,Ltd (“China Elite”) stepped forward and seized the opportunity and bonus presented to Hong Kong and Macao service providers by policies such as Mainland and Hong Kong/Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) and Announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Issues concerning the Provision of Telecommunication Services by Hong Kong and Macau Service Providers in the Mainland. China Elite has gone through the strict reviews of each level of the government departments, and successfully obtained the “   Value-added telecommunications business license of the People's Republic of China” from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expanding its call center service area from Guangdong Province to the entire country and covering all industries.

We believed that, under the inspiration of the great news such as China 5G is ready to launch, the three major telecom operators are optimizing the network speed, reducing the rate and going to allow subscribers to freely switch networks within the year, the industry will definitely have higher demands on the CRM service contents, marketing strategies and innovative and creative means, and create a lot of bigger business opportunities across the country. In this interconnected 5G era, China Elite will take the advantage of its deep understanding of development of operator switching service in Hong Kong and Macao areas from its long-term experience in both CRM markets, and spare no effort to become the biggest telecom operator level neutral operator switching service provider in the country. We will help the country to achieve its goal to use the users’ option to force the operators to improve their service quality and drive the healthy market competition.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is now developing vigorously. The internationalized human resources flow, trading flow and technology flow based on over 70 million populations integrate and develop together to build a world-leading bay area and world-class city cluster. Furthermore, after years of development, the smart cities in China have enter a new phase featuring intelligent and refined governance from the original smart city 1.0. In the future, it will help the citizens to easily access the convenience services in the new social environment, solving their problems in housing, employment and entrepreneurship, medical and social insurances, city transportation and education. Taking A.I. technology as its core, China Elite will speed up and push forward the layout of the new type of CRM market, helping digital technology deeply penetrates more fields from living consumption to aspects like city management, public service, social governance. Taking root in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China Elite’s services will cover the entire country, aiming to build a new type of CRM center for the smart city.

China Elite will push forward with opening up key fields such as nation-wide telecom operator, Internet, finance and creative and innovative industry, implementing development strategies like “5G+”, operator switching service and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in an all-round way. We will keep on trying and fighting for building up the No.1 New CRM brand in the world.